Progressive profiling: Enrich your customer profile


The more you know a person, the greater the chance to give them the right gift. The same concept can be applied to sales and the relationship between people and brands. If you ask no offense, you can use the technology to ask more information from your client. It’s called progressive profiling, one of the marketing tactics that serve to enrich the profile of your consumer.

When is the best time to start?

If your contact arrived from a form on the website or landing page, he probably just opt-in with name and email. So a warm welcome email that contains an incentive coupon for the first purchase is the first step. Then the progressive profiling. Imagine this technique as the first encounter. It is time for a pleasant conversation, in which one is trying to get to know each other more: anniversary day, interests. It’s the beginning of the relationship.


However, it is possible to apply the tactic at any time of the consumer journey, provided that with the care of selecting the information that will be questioned and having clear objectives. For example: on the first purchase or development of a specific promotional action, such as Black Friday, Mother’s Day, collection launch etc.

The only rule is that of pertinence.

What channels can I use to make progressive profiling?

Direct relationship channels are key. Use those you have. It can be email marketing, SMS, push and social media. They will take the user to a website, a landing page or any environment that contains a form to fill out with your information. This form will be connected to a data platform, which should be used for communication later.

By the way, do you collect and use your data in marketing actions? Read more about data driven marketing.

How to encourage progressive profiling?

Phrases like “we want to get to know you a little more”, “tell us more about you” and “we want to offer you the best offers” are some click stimuli and consequent completion of the form of progressive profiling.

Offering some exclusive benefit such as a discount or a freebie can do wonders for the strategy’s results. Of course, it all depends on brand planning and what it has as an incentive.

What kind of traveler are you?

An example of applying the logic of progressive profiling is the landing page Come to the Unforgettable, Rio Quente Resorts. On the page, besides the mark being presented, there is a quiz (Brazilians love a good quiz!) That will define “what kind of traveler you are”.

With fun questions, the brand is collecting the profile of users and, by breaking, providing some fun to the person who performs the quiz. As a result, the profile of the person is shown and which resort of the brand is ideal for her. Simple and effective.

Summing up:

// The best time to start doing progressive profiling is after the welcome

// But it is also possible to implement at any moment of the journey, since with pertinence and objective

// Offer something to the user as a stimulus to the form completion

// Collect the data and USE IT

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