Post Black Friday – How To Keep the Sales Flowing


Selling during Black Friday is not much of a mystery, after all it is the time of the year when the vast majority of consumers longs for to buy: 84% of online Brazilian customers intend to buy products in the promotional friday. The most interesting thing is that in Brazil, unlike the United States (where the date started), Black Friday is not the end of a seasonal sales period, but the beginning. The end will be only after Christmas sales, in the late summer discounts. Until then we have a lot of sales ahead of us.

Regardless, more and more Brazilians are developing the habit of waiting fo the date to fill their bags and, often, they organize themselves to anticipate Christmas shopping, taking advantage of the special prices that the moment offers.

After the promotional period, everyone has reached their BF goals, right? And now, how do you resell to those customers? This is the principle of customer retention. So, how to encourage the second sale? Keep reading and you will find out.


Transactional emails are those which if the customer does not receive they will complain. In other words, it’s purchase confirmations, order status, password reminder, etc. The great advantage of this type of email is that it should be sent even to the opt-out base, those who do not receive any more promotional actions.

How can I use transactional emails to sell more?

  1. Include cross-selling with recommendations based on purchases made
  2. Include subscription option for product categories that have recurring purchases (beverages, cosmetics, baby supplies etc.)
  3. Include link for customer to opt-in the promotional base
  4. Include visited products that were not purchased
  5. In the “I forgot my password” – include cart abandonment products to improve the chances of closing the deal


Many customers make their debut in e-commerce from superdeals in dates like Black Friday, where they understand they have “less to lose” if it does not work out or they have a lot to gain from sweeping offers (incredible as it may seem, there are still people who are afraid to buy online). So we need to delight and to show that the environment is safe, even at this very demanding time. Encourage the second purchase through:

  1. Coupon inside the package of the purchased product – can be for both the e-commerce and the physical store
  2. Thank you email coupon – with purchase limit before Christmas, for example
  3. Customize your site to receive the returning customer with incentive or relevant products from previous interest (read more about CRO)
  4. Make exchanges available across physical and online stores, generating store customer flow


The purchase of a series of products can guarantee your next sale. Here are some examples of categories that can easily have recurring repurchase:

Coffee machine capsules

Products for babies and children – diaper replenishment program, baby food, toys

Pet shop products – food repurchase program, toys, clothing


Origin and destination traveled – Encourage the return / experience again

Make-up and perfumery products


Applications are an important tool to explore because they offer a simple and efficient purchase experience, as well as lower exit rates compared to mobile sites. This is due to the fact that changing websites in the browser is simpler than leaving an application, and the experience is often not so intuitive.

Besides, with apps it is possible to capture data such as location, which should be used to make the offer more relevant and personalized for each client.


Several brands take advantage of the “Black” wave and continue to make promotional nights throughout the year, such as Amazon’s “Prime Day”,’s “Black Night”, Colombo’s “Owl” and many others, since this type of action catches the attention of customers.

Choose a meaningful date and include it in your promotional calendar. It can be a great opportunity to keep customers engaged.

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