Pmweb Rockin’ Tags


Everything we do online leaves numerous tracks: it’s what we call Big Data. Every day we produce a multitude of data that may or may not be used by brands to develop individualized communication actions in online campaigns.

Pmweb Rockin’ Tags were developed so that companies can capture, understand and use the signals that users leave on a website. For example, through tags, we capture search, browse, cart, and sale data that can be used in direct and multi-channel communication campaigns.

How it works

The captured data arrives in the Pmweb Data Layer, to be handled and forwarded to Responsys and Maxymiser platforms to be orchestrated in several channels.


The new use of collected data

The data are anonymised, encrypted – for the sake of user privacy – and transformed into information. We are talking about all first-party data, from the website, CRM, ERP, physical stores and others that are integrated, centralized and transformed into information. It is also possible to integrate second-party data, such as partner sites, for example.

Rockin’ Tags allow you to know even more about you clients’ journey and potential consumers, since they register any activity/visits on the site, average ticket, last purchase, most frequent categories and others, enriching the user’s profile.

In practical terms

Tags will bring input so the brands can develop relevant and individualized campaigns in several channels, such as email, SMS and push. Some campaigns and possible actions through the use of Rockin ‘Tags:

// Navigation (see how eOtica increased by 15X it’s email revenue using the Tags)
// Cart abandonment
// On-site customization
// Lowered price
//Best sellers
//Most wanted
// Search the site
// Blast customization

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