Highlights Modern Customer Experience 2018


The Modern Customer Experience (Modern CX for the Intimate), hosted by the Oracle Marketing Cloud, took place in Chicago on April 9-12. Pmweb was present with clients such as Lojas Lebes, Renner and Wine.com.br, and the company was represented by colleagues Augusto Rocha, Guilherme Bohnen, Grazielle Sbardelotto, Victor Loureiro and myself, Lívia Schmitz.

On April 9th the event was totally dedicated to tourism, where we had the pleasure of watching Grazielle and Guilherme’s presentation on the case of TudoAzul, on how the use of data provided the transformation of users into clients and “brand lawyers “generating more sales.

On April 10 the Markie Awards took place, where Pmweb had 6 clients that were finalists (Passarela, Wine, Banco Votorantim, Latam, Lojas Renner and Technos). We were fortunate to be the winners with Renner in the Best OmniChannel Marketing Program category, with the case about the strategy developed jointly with Pmweb to publicize the spring-summer 2018 collection parade through the site and social networks, simultaneously in real time, and once finished, the products were already in e-commerce, following the idea “see now, buy now”, which is one of the trends in the fashion market.


On the same day, Jay Baer, a writer and strategic marketing consultant, opened the conference challenging everyone to be “Remarkable”, trying whenever possible to deliver incredible experiences to customers, making those moments legendary, never contenting with the normal, with the ordinary.

“And what are the best on the market doing?
Breaking down barriers and providing above-average and expected experiences.”

Importantly, not always, the companies that provide the best experiences for their customers are exaggerating. They just know how to listen to their customers, understand their journey and provide an incredible experience in keeping with expectations.

The Comcast Customer Officer has left a message very simple and clear: be proactive, no matter if it’s to evolve or solve problems. As an example, when a customer is without an internet or cable signal (services offered by Comcast), they need to be proactive, notifying the customer by other media (such as sms, social networks or other channel) about problem identification and which is being done to solve, aligning expectations.

During the conference, I also had the opportunity to participate in several lectures, conversations and workshops, and the most used word was:


The importance of the data, we all already know: data is the new money.

The more customer data you have, the more chance you’ll be able to perform targeted, highly personalized actions, winning hearts and converting!

However, before you look for new information, you need to understand what you have and what you need to adjust or clean, because the relationship is based on trust and, once you make mistakes with your client’s data, the penalty is high.

What we see is the conversion rate increasing as the trust ratio increases.
Here are some examples, tips and “TO-DO’s” that experts from various companies share in Modern CX:

  • Organize data: all information has its value
  • Make each experience unique
  • Try to never be generic
  • Cross channel actions tend to be more efficient: working with omnichannel strategies always
  • Language suitable for each audience. Eg: use slang for the audience / customers who use it
  • Use data in a way that makes sense for actions
  • Understand the whole: map all possible strategies and their triggers
  • If you are in doubt about an action, separate a control group (10% is enough)
  • Each company has a client’s journey, know and build your own journey
  • Always test
  • One experiment may change all of the following. Example: catch a flight with live tv on board
  • Competition is not just about product / service. In the process of experience as a whole, only 30% is technology, the rest are people, so choose your team well
  • When there is interaction with the customer it is necessary to work in real time
  • Explore Feelings: Create Emotional Messages That Talk to the Customer

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