The virtuous cycle of direct digital distribution


The virtuous cycle of direct digital distribution has been guiding Pmweb’s work for at least 15 years. Before the concept of lifecycle marketing was widely publicized, it was exactly what we were doing through this cycle oriented to hotel distribution.

It is about helping companies take advantage of their data consumption , history and relationship with customers to improve the link between brands and people and, thus, be able to provide the right offer at the right time with the right message. It’s about making sense of the relationship with the consumer, understanding each step of your journey.

How works the virtuous cycle of the digital direct distribution

Within the cycle there are acquisition and retention marketing actions. In short: first the brand attracts people (in paid campaigns, branding and other actions); then keep them engaged via relationship actions – or retention.

And it is the data that gives meaning to the relationship between hotel and guest. As shown below, the connection between one strategy and the other is through data that feed the cycle between one stage and another.


Direct sales in practice

In addition to the actions mentioned in the chart above that reinforce the direct channel in hospitality, we need to talk about disintermediation. This means taking the leading role in sales and invest more in brand and relationship than just rely on intermediaries and be dependent on media buying.

You have to think of the customer as an individual and not as a group:

// Offering a rate that only they have access to

// Thinking of the booking moment as the beginning of the experiment

// Speaking the guest’s language and offering them relevant proprietary content that can sell

To learn more about the virtuous cycle of direct digital distribution and how to make direct sales your main channel, talk to us.

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