CRO: If you are not testing you are guessing


Conversion Rate Optimization, or conversion optimization is a relatively new set of techniques that have quickly become critical to any online environment.

But before, what is conversion? The term is commonly related to a sale. It may be, but it’s more than that. It means a user action, such as submitting a form or downloading an application, for example.

In order to do CRO, in fact, it is necessary to count on the technology, to have a multidisciplinary team and / or a partner dedicated to the CRO project, which is constant, changeable and requires attention and adaptation all the time.

The CRO is 100% user focused, based on their behaviors, which will guide the improvements and optimization of the experience. The eye movements, scroll bar, mouse, click and other navigational attitudes are analyzed.

In 2016 Pmweb acquired a company that brought to Brazil the concept of optimization of conversion rates, with its own technology of understanding, creation of hypotheses, tests and analyzes to improve these environments.

“We believe that users’ experiences can be better in digital environments,” says Augusto Rocha, Sales Partner of Pmweb.

To make this possible, Pmweb has several technology solutions that can, through its own methodology, achieve the result of improving the experience of each of the Company’s customers.
“These technologies range from tools that record user navigation, which point out the hottest zones, analytics tools for websites like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. We also use tools to run tests: A / B, multivariate and customization tests, “says Augusto. Pmweb works with the main marketing clouds of the world and to make these tests uses tools like Oracle Maxymiser, Adobe Test and Target and Google Optimizer.
Each one has its characteristics and all are very interesting: Google’s for being integrated with analytics and Adobe Target for also integrating with its analytics platform and Maxymiser for talking to Responsys and other Oracle platforms.

In Augusto’s view “All this makes each of the strategies decided by the companies that opted for one of these marketing clouds to be better utilized. Why deep down, the great differential that Pmweb brings to its customers is the ability to take advantage of their data, even unstructured data and still the data that are not captured.

By placing multiple sources of data from different sources that make sense through Pmweb’s data services work, you create the conditions for talking to the customer in a way that is individualized, different, and context-specific.

Augusto also points out that it is for this reason that Pmweb supports its customers regardless of technology choice. That is also why today the Company has cases of major brands, leaders in its segments, working with each of these platforms. “More important than technology and methodology is the company being aware that it must constantly provide the best experience for its customer, even if the best experience is an experience for each customer.”

A Azul,  vem desenvolvendo um novo projeto de CRO onde o objetivo central é melhorar a experiência do usuário e oferecer os melhores produtos e serviços da companhia, de modo simples e prático, sempre prezando pela transparência no processo de compra. Para este projeto a Azul está utilizando a plataforma da Adobe Test and Target.

Another company that has been developing a new work with the Google Optimizer platform is Viajanet. Using CRO concepts Viajanet has been working on optimizing your site through new features developed internally and tested through Google Optimize. Along with Google Analytics analytics intelligence, the company extracts insight into user behavior on the website and its conversion rates.

Pmweb believes that optimization must be a constant and continuous project. Among other things, optimizing a website helps companies to learn more about their visitors to then give each audience profile the most direct and accurate experience to convert a user into a buyer. This is given, this is science.

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