Brazilian children consume 21 hours of technology per week


In order to study how children are educated nowadays, the Viacom International Media Networks conducted the survey Little Big Kids, which included interviews with 6.500 families of children between  two and five years old in 12 countries, including Brazil. The conclusion was that Brazilian children are more independent and authoritarian, learn by playing and  make use of technologies 21 hours per week.

About Brazilian respondents, 75% believe that children should learn through their own experiences, and 77% of parents consider their child’s opinion when making decisions that affect them. About 67% consider playing a more efficient method of learning than formal education.

When it comes to technology, in 68% of families the children have access to a tablet, where they spend an hour and half of their day. Regardless, the study indicates that the national average is of three hours in the age group studied. Still, 72% of parents believe that technology makes their children smarter.


Article originally published by Meio&Mensagem, you can read it here.

Little Big Kids research results by Viacom, read it here.

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