Conquer your customer’s heart on Valentine’s Day


One week to go for Valentine’s Day and you will not miss the opportunity to increase your sales and still win the heart of the lovers, right?

The date is the fourth most important for e-commerce and promises to move more than R$ 1.8 billion this year. Contrary to offline sales, in 2017, Valentine’s Day increased by 5.1% compared to the previous year.

As with other commemorative dates, smartphones continue to lead the list of best-selling products. Completing the five most bought gifts are: books, wrist watches, perfumes and sneakers.

The average ticket in 2017 was R$ 420.00, and more than 4 million orders were made. The expectation for this year is a growth above 5%, making the budget even more generous.

Check out some tips we have prepared for your e-commerce not to be heartbroken on that day:

# 1 – Use creativity to make promotions and delight consumers.

# Show the consumer that there are alternatives to traditional gifts, such as flowers, chocolates and perfumes.

# Creativity is essential when showing the advantage of running away from the obvious gifts.

# Evaluate your products and think of ways to organize kits with more than one product to increase the average shopping ticket.

# 2 – Use logistics as a tool for customer loyalty: delivery time is directly linked to consumer satisfaction (no one wants to arrive with their hands shaking on this day).

# Qualify the shipment: the training of these professionals impacts on the reduction of damaged products and subsequent complaints.

# Give options for reliable transportation companies: find carriers already established in the market, to avoid loss and damage.

# After sales: Perform customer satisfaction surveys to find out how the customer experience was, this will help you understand where your business can improve and can still bring insights to future deals.

# 3 – Create Distinct Marketing Campaigns for Valentine’s Day: A well-planned set of actions can be a differential in sales results and can delight your customer in the first click.

# Themed gifts: Romantic-themed gifts, or even more sensual appeal, can catch the attention of the consumer. A good strategy is to send a gift to the customer and another to your partner.

# Create a hashtag: This is a great way to promote a social media marketing campaign because it allows you to track how many people are using the motto of your campaign, thereby measuring engagement with your brand.

# Change the profile picture of your store on social networks: images that refer to love and celebrate the date. It may seem simple, but it’ll demonstrate that your business is aligned with the date and will make consumers feel curious to see what your store has to offer.

# 4 – Conquering Eternal Love: We have not met a person who doesn’t like to win this gift. The charm starts from the packaging, the assembly of the product, the smell of the package and so on.

# Packing: use the packaging to give another gift. Place a promocode, a free shipping or a unique benefit for the next purchase. Encourage the person get to your store by itself, so you do not have to wait until next year to be reminded.

# Card: a gift without a card doesn’t have the same charm, does it? Think about it and send along with the gift a card for the buyer to write and draw sighs of your love.

Now that you’ve read all these tips, start your planning and enjoy this date full of love <3

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