How to recover revenue by understanding visitor behavior


You probably already know that visitors don’t necessarily have to be logged in to be identified and have their data captured using only the tracks they leave behind while browsing. The big question knowing how to trigger this data and protect it to ensure your visitor’s privacy. And successful cases such as Spotify and Passarela do not fail to inspire us.

Behavior and profiling

What you do online says a lot about you. The way you navigate shows companies your preferences, the social aspect of your life and various variables regarding your consumption behavior. An example of efficiency is Spotify generating content for its users through data that indicates how people are using music in their lives. And the brand uses this data intelligently to continue offering value to its customers. The best part is that activity recognition technologies don’t have to be restricted to entertainment platforms.

With the right technology and strategic partner, you can use navigation data and find out more about your customer. What they like, their favorite brand, the day of the month that they are more likely to buy and more. Pmweb Rockin’ Tags record activity/site visits, average ticket, last purchase, most frequent categories and others, enriching the user’s profile and enabling the development of cross-channel campaigns that effectively converse with the visitors.

Individualized and relevant cross-channel

The greatest potential of this tool is the input it offers to brands, enabling the development of relevant and individualized campaigns in various channels, such as e-mail, SMS and push. Some campaigns and possible actions through the use of Rockin’ Tags are:

  • Navigation
  • Cart abandonment
  • On-site personalization (show the same communication in campaigns and website)
  • Price lowered
  • Best sellers
  • Most wanted
  • Site search
  • Personalization of blast & more

By deeply knowing the customer, it is possible to:

Anticipate their needs

This is the case of campaigns that consider consumer navigation behavior. If his technology realizes that André Silveira has been researching refrigerators between 300 and 400 liters for 15 days, André is in need of a new refrigerator. He would be pleased if he received an email with the products researched and a 10% discount bonus to buy his refrigerator now.

And when a mother has been tracking the price of diapers for some time and receives in her email offers with her favorite brand, plus wiping cloths deals, the chances of closing are much higher. Or if she has the e-commerce app, she can receive a push with these exclusive offers. In addition, an SMS alert on the handling of the delivery of her order can keep her at ease about the package arrival.

Generate more revenue, repurchase and loyalty

The intelligent use of data in favor of the consumer generates more than relationship, directly influencing on revenue growth. Pmweb customers who already use Rockin’ Tags have met these results in revenue and customer retention. This is the case of Passarela, for example.

Passarela, one of the biggest fashion e-commerces in Brazil, has used Rockin’ Tags to communicate by email and recover revenue. The brand uses the technology to recognize non-logged in customers and enable them through campaigns of sailed products and abandoned cart.

Thus, in just two months, Passarela increased 76% in revenue in the emails that offer the products navigated and 41% in the abandoned cart campaigns. We are talking about 116% more money in the account. A money that would be lost.

Understanding and using these leads, Passarela recovered lost revenue by selling 116% more by email. The technology that made it possible for Passarela to identify the unlogged customers was strategic for impacting them with navigated and abandoned products.

But what about privacy?

One of the main concerns of people in the present times is the privacy of users. In the case of Rockin ‘Tags, the traffic data is anonymised and transformed into information. We are talking about all the first-party data obtained on the site, CRM, ERP, physical stores and others that are integrated, centralized and transformed into information. It is also possible to integrate second-party data, such as partner sites, but always in order to take care of data and the privacy of people.

Learning about the signs that the user leaves on the site makes it feasible as well:
– Understand customer behavior and develop your profile ptr way
– Develop individualized and relevant cross-channel campaigns
– Anticipating consumer needs
– Stimulating repurchase and loyalty

Sale’s best friend

With access to so many possibilities to power the strategy, only loses money who wants. If the Catwalk had not recognized its unlogged customers, it would not have offered the products and consequently would not have sold them. Getting to know your customers has a direct influence on revenue growth and allows brands to anticipate customer needs and sell more than once.

Using the right tool and respecting consumer preferences and privacy, the sky is the limit for strategies. Talk to Pmweb and get to know Rockin ‘Tags and see how they can help your e-commerce sell more, earn revenue, and relate effectively to your audience.

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