Ladies and gentlemen: Pmweb, a Wunderman company


For the last 20 years, we have devoted ourselves to bringing brands and consumers closer together – hotels and their guests, e-commerces and their consumers. We work every single day to deliver services of high quality level to help to develop the market we serve.

For several years we did it independently. In the last four years, more companies have joined us on our journey. In 2012 Responsys presented lifecycle marketing in a simple and fully automatized way. What we had done subjectively for so many years became a methodology. In the end of 2013, Oracle arrived and showed us how gigantic volumes of data can be, as well as how using robust technology, data and the cloud are the path to bring the consumer closer to the brands using multiple channels.

In the beginning of 2016 we bought Intuitive and brought along its CRO expertise. We recognize that anything can be optimized and tested multiple times, that the audience changes the context and that every pixel matters.

From this day on, Pmweb will be controlled by Wunderman – the only digital agency among the 10 largest agencies in the world. Like us, they believe that the combination of creativity and data is the key to inspire consumers to take action and thereby generate results for the companies.

Wunderman belongs to the WPP group, the world’s largest communication group. It was founded in New York by Lester Wunderman in the 1950’s. He is the man responsible for the invention of concepts such as CEP, direct marketing and loyalty programs. Having that kind of support gives us two certainties: that we will move forward even faster than before and that the the ones who will be more benefited will be our clients. Wunderman’s mission is to invest in BI, data and media to find new ways for companies to have a better relationship with their customers. Not by chance, this was always in Pmweb’s DNA.

We will continue connecting people and companies, building relationships and generating results. More than that, we will continue together, enlarging our staff and structure to reach broader horizons together.

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