Transformation scenarios: How does it affect consumption?


Global megatrends are causing deep disruptions in business and forcing the retail and consumer sector to reinvent itself. If companies fail to respond swiftly to these changes, they will be surpassed by competitors and new comers who are exploring opportunities in new trends.

The way we do business won’t be the same in the next five years. Great trends are changing the pattern of consumer and brands behavior. New technologies, apps, virtual reality, shared economy: all this is promoting large impact on the market.

There is nothing that can not be bought online and this reality will only intensify. We now see a need from people not to “waste time” on daily activities, dedicating themselves to something more relevant or that will bring some satisfaction, instead of wasting hours in parking lots and shelves, they seek more personalized and exclusive experiences , seeking for value in customer service.

In the US, a good example of these new possibilities is the supermarket without check out stations, Amazon Go. There, you authenticate you entry by scanning the QR code on app, do your shopping and automatically they’re add to your virtual cart. Finished shopping, you will be charged directly on your user account.


The trend is that the current technologies available will be increasingly integrated into the people’s daily lives, which will bring more intelligence and dynamism in solving simple tasks or even the most complex.

In Brazil,a recently launched digital platform and promises to save time and money by delivering the purchases of the month at home. Home Reffil has been changing the way you replenish the home with basic products, with discounts of up to 35%, and the convenience of shopping in the comfort of your own home without having to leave it.

This concept also ensures that most needed items of a house be received at the right moment. It is up to the customer to determine the delivery day through the platform or, if you preferred, to synchronize HomeRefill’s delivery schedule with the phone’s calendar. It is possible to suspend a delivery temporarily or change the date of the next delivery of the products, doing it all through the application, without intermediation of a person.

According to a Gartner study, by 2020, more than 85% of consumer interactions will not include humans and chatbots will be the most important application of artificial intelligence.

The use of innovative and complex technologies, focused on improving the user’s accessible and personalized experiente, will directly impact the consumption format in the years to come. At one end the most different forms of innovation, such as use of robots, virtual reality, etc. which brings more automated intelligence to the stages of buying process and consumer experience. In another, the growing demand for trained professionals, able to follow this new format.

In order to remain profitable in the market, it is essential follow these trends to offer better experiences to consumer and to fully enjoy the benefits in agility, practicality and economy that these technologies provide.



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