Calçados Bibi and its omnichannel data journey


For many years Calçados Bibi has invested a large part of their budget on television campaigns. That strategy paid off for a while, but at some point, it didn’t work anymore. When people change their behavior, companies need to adjust as well. So Bibi understood that they shouldn’t invest in advertising only, but in the direct relationship, keeping track of their client throughout their lifecycle.

Bibi has been Pmweb’s data-driven marketing client since 2013, using Oracle Responsys platform and our strategy, campaign and data services. Get to know what our client has to say about this omnichannel journey and how they managed to depend less and less on traditional media to grow and promote customer relationship.



Bibi, each step matters

To Bibi, each and every step is important. That’s the data driven marketing campaign motto developed in conjunction with Pmweb to remind the parents of buying new shoes for their children according to the growth of their little feet.

But there was a challenge: the company operates in multiple channels – industry, own stores, franchises, multiband stores and e-commerce. So how can we disrupt the multichannel logic and allow ourselves to have our own relationship with the client that doesn’t rely exclusively on trade marketing and advertising? The answer is in the data technology and the understanding that it doesn’t matter where the customer came from, they are clients of the brand.

So Bibi and Pmweb worked so that the data, from multiple sources, was centralized and used in the brand’s consumer benefit. By unifying the contact base, the campaign “Bibi, each step matters” became a reality.

The campaign’s logic

Every time a shoe is bought, that information goes automatically to Bibi’s database. Next, the company uses the technology to calculate when will be the time to buy new shoes according to the child’s age and gender. Following, Bibi sends a message to the parents with the individual suggestion of a new purchase, inviting them to visit the new collection on the website or stop by the store where they bought the last time.

With that strategy, Bibi:

//increased their e-commerce sales by 70%

//increased their global sales by 5%

//increased their revenue in own stores by 19%

// and reduced by 64% their investment in traditional media

Watch the video case and understand how Calçados Bibi makes itself present during all stages of the child’s growth, providing the kids the freedom of barefoot-ness and giving the parents convenience and peace of mind.

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