The success of the Brazilian Black Friday


There is no doubt that Black Friday has been consolidating in Brazil as a date of great sales flow for both e-commerce and mortar and brick retail.

Growth in sales volume was expressive

This year the date recorded a turnover of $ 2.1 billion for e-commerce, an increase of 10.3% (which took into account the pre Black Friday purchases already on Thursday given the large volume of sales).

The number of orders increased 14%, from 3.30 million to 3.76 million, and the average ticket fell 3.1%, – R $ 562 – compared to other years.

Purchases made through mobile devices were consolidated once and for all. The share of orders made via mobile phones increased significantly by 81.8% compared to 2016.

Almost 30% of orders are made through mobile devices

The m-commerce represented 26.5% in the financial volume of purchases made, representing an increase of almost 50% in relation to the last year. In addition, the average value of purchases through mobile devices was R $ 515, reflecting the greater participation of lower ticket categories such as fashion and accessories and perfumery and cosmetics.

In just four years, m-commerce has increased six-fold.

In 2013, mobile purchases accounted for only 4.4% of the total. With the expansion of the smartphone market and access via 3G and 4G in Brazil, this is a rapidly growing market with growth potential well above the market average.

Email marketing: high conversion and low investment.

As in previous years, email marketing was the channel that most generated conversion, about 15% of the total. The channel has a low investment cost and a high conversion rate for message assertiveness. The result is the maturity of the market in working data in a more complex and automated way, which allows brands to send relevant products and according to the profile of each consumer. Consistent automated campaigning throughout the year brings even more results on promotional dates such as Black Friday, when you can use all the legacy data to offer an even more personalized experience for the consumer, according to the time of its life cycle.

We prepared for you an infographic with some more data of this Black Friday:

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