Black Friday 2016: data driven marketing tips


The Black Friday 2016 promises to hit another sales record. As far as the Brazilian consumer is concerned, the the projections are about to come true.

84% of online consumers plan on using the discounts on Friday, leading to a revenue of R$ 2.1 billion, according to an Ebit research.

How people want to access offers

85% of respondents still want to receive information (such as tips, offers and promotions) in the days before the BF. Within this group, 87% said they email marketing as the preferred channel for this purpose. In the 2015 edition, we could observe how email campaigns made an impact on Black Friday goals.

We know that email is the platform responsible for much of the sales that occur in the period, so you should give special attention to campaigns, focusing on data driven marketing.

Data driven marketing

The data is responsible for delivering the right communication to the right person at the right time. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, marketing oriented data will ensure that strategies take into account search and purchase history and preferences, browsing behavior and interests to make communication relevant and meaningful at the time of closing a deal. Our team of experts has prepared some data driven marketing tips to make this promotional weekend a success.

Capture of the contact base

We know that the vast majority of online Brazilians plans to buy on Black Friday. Thus, the beginning of the strategies takes place in the capture of a contact base interested in the offers. Our suggestions:

– Landing page: containing opt-in countdown for the promotion, featured offers and promotion rules.

– Progressive profiling: to understand which items or categories the customer would like to receive offers.

App incentive

Promotional dates as Black Friday are a great opportunity to inform customers about the different points of contact with the brand. It is therefore possible to offer incentives and benefits for users who will use the mobile and create special offers per channel.

Encouraging one-click purchase

Black Friday product availability is limited and during the purchase the customer may not be able to close the deal, creating a moment of frustration.

Therefore, it is important to incentive people to fill in their profile info before the offers start to enable one-click purchase to avoid the risk of losing opportunities.

Are campaigns for the entire base ok?

During shipments from Black Friday is very common to use batch and blast strategies, ie items not targeted to a large base of contacts. However, this does not rule out several possibilities for customization: insert in your emails with windows browsed products or consumer interest to increase your conversion.

Also, you can create automated rules to boost strategies as Cart Abandonment and Navigation by Interest. Since Black Friday is marked by the search for the best price, give a final incentive so your customer closes the deal.

Cyber Monday

The first Monday after Black Friday is a great opportunity to sell products that are still available and keep the customer engagement level high. Again, it is important to respect the interests of your clients: offer products of interest for some reason were not purchased during Black Friday and keep the same policy of discounts and offers.

After sales

Remember the logic: you’re not just selling, you have to deliver. In commemorative dates and periods of high flow of sales delays or problems with the post-sale consumer may be common. Think of automated relationship rules for customers who are experiencing problems with product delivery and get ready to answer calls and questions on social networks. The reputation of brands in this sense becomes an important indication of the respect for the consumer.

What about after Black Friday?

Black Friday is a great opportunity to begin relationships with new customers, a first step of a long journey.

Take advantage of the opt-in and the first purchase to maintain the relationship over the next year with offers related to what the person bought. For this is not just a Black Friday client. If they are going to  buy again through the year, it better be in your store.

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