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Grupo Abril presented on June 21 in São Paulo the study “O X da Queestão”, which analyzes the economic strength of generation X, a public with an approximate age between 35 and 54 years. The report gathers data from different sources, such as e-Bit Webshoppers, Dynamic Big Data numbers and Locomotive Institute surveys, among others. An April internal survey of 2,000 people and an evaluation of television commercials based on neuroscientific techniques (EEG and Eye Tracking) completed the content package presented to the market.

According to the figures, X represents today ¼ of the population and is responsible for more than half of the income generated in the country. Compared to millennials, the age range from 20 to 34 years, the X has 56% higher income. The average age of e-commerce buyers is 43 years, and seven out of ten purchases are made by people over 35.

The event began with a panel by Walter Longo, president of Abril Group, which told the general aspects of the research. “Generation X is the one that consumes the most and is more likely to be loyal to brands and products. But there is a real obsession of many companies in focusing their communication exclusively on the millennials, “said the executive.

A discussion on the results of the study was moderated, following by Renato Meirelles, president of the Locomotive Institute. Participated Jaime Troiano, president of Troiano Branding; David Laloum, president of Y & R Brasil; Paula Costa, CMO and general manager of the luxury division of L’Oreal Brasil; And Valéria Brandini, PhD and business anthropologist specializing in youth cultures.

Mauricio Panfilo, head of research and market intelligence for Abril, commented on some of the insights produced by the numbers and presented a list of “Ten Ways to Reach the Heart and Pocket of X.” These are:

Aesthetics, symbols and context are essential

Act it out: neither younger nor with more hair or less tummy

Multiplatform generation: the X has built the bridge between on and offline

The reason weights more in the equation between the rational and the emotional

More about the product, less about the purpose

Family: a cliché that works

Content is always welcome

Break paradigms without appealing to stereotypes

Reflection: help him reflect and he will conquer

Beware of generalizations when using a demographically-only target


Watch Grupo Abril’s study summary video:

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