The high performance of behavioral campaigns


In pursuit of relevance and timing, marketers use a variety of strategies such as segmentations, customizations and even more sophisticated methods like statistical models of propensity to communicate the right offer to their customer.

In the digital world, where we can see the footprints of consumers, we have an even more precise solution: behavioral targeting. With tags that identify users through the site, it is possible to map the entire course of the customer and identify exactly what he is looking for and what action he has taken.

Thus, it is possible to establish a precise dialogue with automatic campaigns, sent from the decisions taken in each stage of the purchase process, previously mapped. Did the customer abandoned a product in the cart? Reminding him is probably the most profitable effort in a marketing strategy.

In a study developed in the second quarter of 2018, Pmweb has identified that campaigns sent based on customer behavior can increase the revenue of the e-mail marketing channel by up to 25%. This type of campaign is on average 13 times more efficient than a common one.

Rockin ‘Campaigns Tags Are 13x More Efficient Than Ordinary Campaigns


Among the various types of approach, ranging from abandonment of navigation to reduction of price of a product visited, the cart abandonment campaign is the most successful, bringing 45x more revenue than a common campaign.

In this case, the entire communication ruler is important for the results and even the repeniques have high efficiency. They bring 6 times more revenue than a common campaign and represent an average of 15% of revenue in behavioral targeting strategy.

Because they are extremely relevant, besides its high conversion, behavior campaigns bring high engagement, becoming important allies for building a good reputation and good rates of delivery.

Implementing automated submissions is the first step and quickly increases sales. Incorporating this knowledge into the email marketing strategy as a whole, is imperative for better CRM. From the identification of the client’s behavior it is possible to develop interest segmentations, potentializing promotional campaigns. That is, when sending an offer of a certain category, in addition to the conventional criteria for selecting eligible customers, you can prioritize users who have visited this category recently.

In addition, daily campaigns can be enhanced with dynamic blocks, which should, for example, display the product abandoned by the client. This ensures the delivery of high relevance content, high click and conversion propensity, increasing the RPE (return per e-mail sent) of the common submissions.

Pmweb has developed its own solution, called Rockin ‘Tag Express, to map customer behavior and develop high-performance one-to-one campaigns. To know more about, contact our team.
Author: Érica Ortiz | Client Insights and Development Manager na Pmweb

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