5 simple tips to reduce booking abandonment


Sometimes what divides reservation from abandonment is not price or availability, but usability obstacles in time to close the deal.

More important than investing to attract people to the site is to help these users to become customers. The hotel enchantment begins on the website, where the guests can find information about the hotel, photos of the rooms and other relevant information that people look for before booking a hotel. There also is the booking engine, which needs to be fast, simple and comfortable for the user through the buying process.

The moment of check-out is crucial in the buying process. That’s where the client will add hs credit card information and finally schedule the trip. We understand that some premises are basic for the task to succeed:


Only ask for the information you actually need. Approximately 10% of the reserves are lost due to each unnecessary field. Also, ensure that travelers can buy with minimal clicks and pages.

For instance, displaying the rates at the time of the search is a great way to shorten the path right from the beginning.


Be transparent

Explain why you need the information you are collecting. Communicating with the user during the purchasing process is one way to make them feel at ease with the reservation.


Be assertive

Place consistent call-to-actions with a clear message to simplify the decision making. People should not have to guess where to click, it should be intuitive. Also, don’t add other buttons before the checkout (like registration and so on).


Note that this page has only one button. The user can’t go to any other page but “Go to payment”

Give security

Make the customer feel comfortable enough to book, showing him that the environment is safe to make the purchase.


The transparency of information and the lock of the “Reserva segura” (meaning secure booking) in the upper right corner of the page help the user to feel at ease.

It’s now or never

Add a sense of urgency to ensure the closing of the deal and show the customer that he is doing good business. The old technique of “only 3 apartments left” has been working forever.

If you want to know more about a traveler oriented booking engine, contact us. We will be happy to help you sell more!

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