365 days with you


You’ve spent all year developing individualized strategies, focusing on relationships, using data right, increasing the LTV (lifetime value) and gaining space in your customers’ hearts, so it’s time to celebrate. Celebrate showing that your brand knows exactly who your customer is, what he likes, that you know his favorite routes, the songs he listened to, where he stayed and how often.


If you master  your customer’s data, you can also create a campaign 100% focused on his history with your brand.


We have selected four examples of brand campaigns that value both customer relationship and the end of the year, counting the trajectory of the last 365 days they were together.




Uber celebrated their one-year anniversary of operation in Porto Alegre by sending an e-mail that recalls this trajectory to all of their users. In the email, they highlight points that could be considered negative, such as travel time showing the bright side of being in the back seat, where customers can carry on with their activities or simply rest.

Rest or work, always with candy and fresh water. Oh yeah!



People who always have a earphone plugged in know how good it is to have a soundtrack for every situation. Spotify has sent an email with each customer’s 2016 info, highlighting how much time each user spent on it, how many artists and songs he or she listened to and his or her favorite songs and artists. The secret is in the effective use of data to win the customer’s heart.

Of course, Spotify went further and also delivered an exclusive playlist with your top tracks of the year, which stimulates the user to stay in the app next year. It’s a match!




Marriot also did its part with its loyalty program Marriot Rewards, presenting a review of the past year. They compiled info such as points earned, hotels visited, destinations and host brands. They still took the opportunity to offer benefits and new experiences to their clients. Let him who is not constantly thinking of the next trip cast the first stone!



The traditional #yearinareview of Facebook is also a way of showing how close you’ve been to ~ Facebook ~ and your friends during the year. The video compiles posts and comments, plus the number of likes and a mosaic of closest friends.You may even find it tacky sharing on your timeline, but you won’t deny that you’ve watched it, which I know you did – and enjoyed.

So now what?

“These ideas are really cool, but I don’t have enough data to do something like that in 2016”. It’s okay, 2017 is already here with 12 months of opportunities. Our tips to make it happen are:

  1. Start by focusing on your relationship strategies.
  2. The first sale will happen, but we want the second, the third. Note how often your customer buys. It shows that even if your price is a little higher than the competition, your added value will compensate.
  3. Increase your customers’ LTV by actually getting to know them, tracking the life cycle and being relevant every day across all channels. We open an exception here for Black Friday – you can be more daring in the offers then.

In 2017, study your consumer’s journey and be there. This will provide you amazing data and campaigns as beautiful the ones we just saw.

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