What is O2O?

 What is O2O?

The term, which is being increasingly used, talks about the model that encourages consumers to migrate from environment or channel in relation to the same brand, whether online or offline.

The model merges consumer behaviors online and offline and with that, delivers a more complete and transaction-focused experience. The ultimate intention is to induce the customer to interact with the brand in the website, application or social networks and also in the physical store.

The increasing use of mobile devices in pre-purchase surveys gives marketers the opportunity to gather more information about their interests and behaviors, and strategies can then be targeted towards conversion, regardless of channel.

Research suggests that more than 60% of shoppers are looking for product information online before making a purchase. But instead of simply providing the content that online users need to make a buying decision, the O2O model goes one step further and encourages the same online users to go to a physical store, for who knows, to complete the transaction locally.

Turning online researchers into omnichannel clients is the biggest goal of the O2O model.


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