The best customer experience? Learn from AVON

 The best customer experience? Learn from AVON

von is the 2017 Markie Awards winner in the Best Overall Customer Experience category. The award recognizes the most inspiring and innovative marketing actions in the world.
For 130 years on the market, with a traditionally B2B business model, Avon created its e-commerce in 2014, breaking a paradigm by starting to sell directly to the end customer. This movement was also aimed at monitoring the evolution of its consumers and initiating a direct relationship with the B2C public.

Relationship and automation are the key

With the launch of the online store, Avon began automating its marketing campaigns, using the Responsys platform and strategic services to Pmweb to communicate with its customers. The concern was to build an individualized dialogue that respects the consumer’s life cycle.
Twenty-one automated relationship rules were orchestrated that guaranteed a 15x increase in e-commerce revenue via email from 2015 to 2016. Among the programs that delivered the best results are: welcome, birthday, abandoned cart, product shipped, reactivation, Review and others. Also in the same period, revenue per e-mail had a growth of 400% and today these sales represent 13% of the total of the business.

With this, as consumers of e-commerce they buy products for themselves, for a family and household goods. 66% of them say they would strongly recommend Avon to a friend.

Other engagement metrics:

The importance of context

A highly engaged brand in social causes, Avon developed in 2016 two online actions with this orientation. The first was aimed at people of no gender, casting makeup on anyone, with the hashtag #sintanapele. The other campaign that had a lot of adherence is the one that reinforces that the women must believe in its beauty and that there is no standard to be followed, the hashtag of the campaign was #donadessabeleza. Both actions were widely used in marketing and social actions, highlighting the cross-channel presence and generating a connection between the company and its consumers.

In search of the perfect experience

All future actions are aimed at a cross-channel consumer, who interacts with the customer at different times and with different goals. In addition, all the expertise developed for the end customer will be used in the relationship with the resellers, further automating contact points, motivating engagement and sales. Because for Avon, not only does beauty make sense, but experience as a whole 😉


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