Reinvent your approach to commercial dates in 2017

 Reinvent your approach to commercial dates in 2017

Year in, year out, and your sales promotion strategy remains the same? Wise up: the empowered consumer has no time to lose and needs to be frequently recaptured. And this will happen through relevant communication that adds value to the relationship. But how can I change the brand’s approach without giving up the essence of the traditional dates?
We know that offering something more on commercial holidays is the bare minimum to keep up with the market, adjusting both marketing plan and content to these events. Although dates like Christmas and Valentine’s Day do not change from year to year, the brand’s approach needs to be renewed and adapted to the omnichannel world if we want the customer’s attention.
Consider the following points before developing strategies for this year’s promotional calendar:
Underestimated potential:  Explore less traditional dates to surprise your customers to create a light and interesting dialogue by exploring new communication opportunities. Alibaba is an example of a brand that has taken advantage of a date of little buzz, Single’s Day, turning it into a day of incredible discounts associated with the brand since 2009, beating their own sales record year after year.

Alibaba sales growth on Single’s Day (11/11) since 2009.

Target audience: Different people react differently. Use the data collected from the basis (including from campaigns with partners) to assess whether the impact of a Book Day discount on display will be greater than a Children’s Day campaign via e-mail, for example.
Improve your sales: Creating landing pages for special campaigns can help improve your SEO. For smaller campaigns, add thematic links to your headers to help users find event-themed promotions that they are looking for as fast as possible.
Explore your base:  Improve your special dates communication based on the purchase behavior of each customer by sending emails that will in fact be clicked according to the real interests of those who are receiving it. Both thematic and special offers. In this way, the brand proves its commitment to win the customer in all points of contact and throughout the day of purchase.
To help your brand on the mission of delivering relevant content and engaging your audience, Pmweb has created an exclusive calendar with tips for your 2017 holiday strategy. Enjoy our wallpapers and get inspired all year long. (:


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