How eOtica increased their email revenue by 15 times

 How eOtica increased their email revenue by 15 times

Online for five years now, eOtica is the first virtual shop that sells glasses and contact lenses in Brazil, leading the Brazilian optical market. Since 2014 they have been a data driven marketing client for Pmweb and they have been using our Rockin’ Tags for two months now in their navigation ruler, which increased her email earnings by 15 times this campaign.

Rockin ‘Tags

Capturing, understanding and making sense of data can only be possible through technology linked to strategy. We all leave many traces of navigation, since we live most of our days connected. Collecting, deciphering and making sense of these traces for assertive communications is the mission of our Rockin’ Tags.
A product developed 100% by Pmweb, the tags make it possible to capture search data, navigation data, products in the cart and sales, that can be used in individualized communication campaigns through multiple channels. Once the data is collected, they are processed and sent to the Responsys and Maxymiser platforms for the orchestration of campaigns through various channels.

The eÓtica study case

It works like this: every time a user navigates through certain products and doesn’t finish the purchase, he or she automatically receives an email that contains those products, as in the following example:


In two months of campaign, the revenue for each email sent returned 15 times more than the overall average of eOtica campaigns, which shows that delivering the right message to the right person at the right time is the key to good results. And this is only possible through the intelligent use of data.


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