Amazon: a love story from we can all learn from


The news spread throughout Brazil and many brands have already begun to feel the effects. The arrival of Amazon, now also in the part of home appliances, promises to further complicate the competition that is already great in the industry.

That it would expand its mix of offers in the country is not news to anyone, but the way it is doing is conquering the hearts of customers and taking sleep from other players.

Relationship. Individualization. Communication.

These are the pillars that differentiate Amazon from other companies. The reason people talk to them online, ask questions, thank them, post them, is one: Amazon responds, interacts, responds and does it right, with attention and care. Nobody likes to talk to themselves, nobody wants to send a message to the beyond and this maxim is also a truth in the relationship between people and brands.
Love cases 1, 2 and 3

Love Story #1: Denis & Amazon

And there’a more…

In another social network …

Love story #2: Dagagny & Amazon

Love story #3: Priscilla & Amazon

What’s up?

How many people read these conversations and sympathized with the brand?
How many wanted to have the same treatment?
How many made a first purchase to test the brand?
How many have come to consider Amazon rather than other options?
How many compared this service with that received in another company?

The consumer, the conversion funnel and Amazon

When we think of the consumer and the funnel of conversion we must always keep in mind that there is a flow in the buying decision process.
It starts with awareness, which is brand awareness. Amazon is present in the lives of Brazilians, even offering until then, a single products, books.

Lesson 1: regardless of your mix, make yourself present to be remembered.

At the moment of the consideration keep in mind that the brands that are already in the head of the consumers will be those evaluated by him, that is, if you are not at the head of your target, go back to the previous phase.

Lesson 2: Have you ever heard that whoever plants, harvests? That’s the point here. Inbound marketing, content marketing, blogs, social networking and other myriad of tools are at your disposal to relate. Use with moderation and strategy.

Arriving on the goal line, we have the conversion phase. At this point it is crucial that you have done your homework. Have stock, competitive prices, an adequate logistics service and a promotional package that adds value to your offer.

Lesson 3: It’s no use just being cool. it has to be efficient.

The customer bought it’s party! It is good to make this purchase process until delivery is round, on time, with clear transactional communications at the right times and channels.

Lesson 4: With the sale completed it’s time to show the customer that he was right to choose you. Surprise him with a perfect experience!

And now?

Now begins the best part, the relationship, the retention. It’s time to cultivate, to ask for feedback, to offer relevant products to the customer, to understand the frequency that it interacts, the channel of your choice and more than that, it’s time not to disappoint you. It’s not worth sending the same product he already bought at a discount and much less treating him as anyone, after all you already know each other.

Lesson 5: Do you know a couple relationship? Everyone says it is a daily exercise of care, observation and surrender. Strive to keep the relationship alive, with memories to remember and new reasons to continue to relate.

Lastly, remember: if your brand does not occupy the heart of your customer, another brand will.

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